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ashley fitmamasclub
ashley fitmamasclub
ashley fitmamasclub

join our growing club of 100s of mums who have achieved the best transformation of their lives

Fit Mamas Club, A fitness program designed for moms to empower women through functional fitness, nutrition, education, and accountability.

Are you tired of always falling back on the excuses of pregnancy every time you decide to get fit? Well, thanks to this incredible app, Fit Mama’s Club will help you out.

You can now avail yourself of the smartest method of getting into the best shape and becoming a sexy mom.

Are you looking for a program that will help you lose postpartum weight, get in shape, and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Fit Mama’s Club is here to connect moms who want to lose weight with a personalised method.
Reach your fitness goals and become the “woman you love, a fit mama’’. Innovative training fast-tracks you to success.

Time is money. Incorporating this approach, I’ve created a program that fits right into the busy schedules of mothers to help them kick start their fitness journey.



ashley fitmamasclub


ashley fitmamasclub
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Workout Plan

  • Home workouts & gym workouts are available
  • Personally designed training programs tailored to the specific stage of your journey
  • Regular adjustments to your plan to ensure progression


  • Weekly Q&A Calls for you every doubt.
  • Private Whatsapp & Facebook support group access.

Nutrition Plan

  • Monitored weekly to keep you on track.
  • Macro calculated diet plans.
  • Healthy and quick recipes.
  • Designed to meet your individual dietary needs and choices.






I met Dana 2 years ago at a playdates my son had to meet his classmates. I was amazed by how...

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  • she toned looked, and guess what? She has TWO kids. I started to train with her and really loved her motivational approach. She did make me feel strong, and adapted the workout variation according to my fitness level: pushing me to become a better version of myself without making me feel “weaker”. I guess we, women, can bring the best out of each others. I finished every session energized and saw clear results on my body as soon as 4 weeks later!


Dana is a gem! She tailored the training to my body’s needs, was attentive and...

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  • supportive with extensive knowledge on all physical issues I needed after giving birth. Her program made the process easier by not only focusing on losing weight but also developing a healthier lifestyle to sustain staying fit and strong. I am forever grateful.


Dana….has over a decade worth of knowledge and expertise in the health and fitness industry...

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  • Her natural drive to live a healthy and fit conscious life is positively contagious.

    Since becoming a mother Dana has extended her knowledge to focus on postpartum fitness. Through her own experiences she has been able to help others on their journey to either maintain fitness while pregnant or give postpartum guidance on how to gently reintroduce exercise to gain back physical strength.

    I will meet up with Dana time and time again because I always know she understands my fitness goals and the journey needed to get there. Her razor sharp skill set got me looking at a body I recognized.

    Don’t randomly wander through exercises and never see real results! Make the time to see Dana she’ll tailor to your needs and her infectious persistence and dedication will pull you towards the goal insight.

Why I decided to work with MUMS ??

My motivation to work with mums came after working with many ladies one-to-one who presented the same problem to me time and time again! I knew there was an opportunity for me to help a lot of people after searching online and going through all the contradictory information!

ashley fitmamasclub

Frequently Asked Questions

No pregnancy is the same. The span of time it may take to recover & see results can vary widely between women. At Fit mamas club we set goals based on each woman’s recovery rate and goals. Exercise is a very useful component in postpartum weight loss, dietary intervention and caloric reduction are necessary for reaching weight loss goals. Remember Diet & Exercise go hand in hand. How long ? Depends on how much effort, commitment & dedication you will put in & what stage you are at, were you overweight before pregnancy ? How much weight did you gain during pregnancy ? Did you exercise during pregnancy ? Did you suffer from any medical issues ? The pressure placed on new moms to “get their bodies back” is immense; however, it needs to be ignored. After performing one of the most incredible feats of physical and mental strength, many new moms unfortunately don’t meet their own standards and feel weak and out of shape. They are therefore vulnerable to the claims of exercise classes promoting quick results and are looking for the hardest, most intense activity that will help them feel strong again. Keep in mind, your body has just been through nine months of changes and adaptations that culminated in the birth of your baby. It is not realistic to expect your body to just bounce back to the way it was before pregnancy. The truth is, your body has changed and it will never be the same. That is not to say it can’t be better, stronger, or more functional, but it will never be the same as it was and striving to get back to what it was is futile. Instead, your focus should be on retraining your core and then gradually progressing back to more intense activities. The first six to eight weeks postpartum are meant for rest and recovery with gentle core restoration work added at a gradual pace. A pelvic floor physiotherapy assessment around six weeks postpartum is recommended for every woman regardless of how you gave birth. This is an overlooked aspect of women’s health that should be the standard of care and a mandatory piece of prenatal and postpartum healthcare.
  • Fit mamas Club will Assist you in weight management issues, including the loss of excess weight gained during the pregnancy and the maintenance of appropriate caloric intake for breastfeeding.
  • Assist in physical reconditioning of the body after delivery.
  • Assist the client to establish a regular exercise routine.
  • Provide support for new mothers and babies. Encourage women to take time for their fitness and health and promote the benefits derived from a consistent fitness routine, such as reduced stress, less anxiety, and better self-esteem.
A great training template for life is long sustainable results “ability to maintain at a certain rate or level”.

The main issue with weight loss & training these days are the excessive amount of programs, unrealistic social media bodies & endless weight loss products that claim to produce miracles & body transformations so fast that are not sustainable.

The fit mamas club will provide each mum with a goal specific program customized for her ( training & nutrition ) to achieve long realistic sustainable results
Our main objective at the Fit mamas club is to educate and help as many mum’s as possible get back into the best shape of their lives, keep them motivated and confident

At Fitmamas club, We are believers in movement during pregnancy, childbirth, and mother-hood, and we stress the importance of moving with awareness.

  • We will help you understand the effects of pregnancy on the body and give you an outline of what to expect, how to manage the changes, and how to move in ways that respect the changes while still maintaining your fitness.

  • We will introduce the concept of being fit for childbirth. Birth is a very physical event—one that we believe a mother should train for. We are excited to show you how! The pelvic floor and abdomen are our areas of specialty, and these are on the minds of all expectant women. We want you to know how to support your core and pelvic floor during pregnancy, childbirth, and your recovery so you have the body confidence you deserve in motherhood.

  • We guide you through exercises that can be used as part of your workouts to keep your core and pelvic floor safe and ready for the task at hand. We have exercises for the upper body, exercises for the lower body, and functional exercises that get you ready for motherhood, as well as stretching and release work that will help you let go of tension and holding patterns that often contribute to aches and pains or challenges in labor. Finally, we give you actual workouts for each trimester. These workouts are designated according to fitness level—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—so no matter what your current level is or when in your pregnancy you join our platform, you will have the plan that is right for you. We designed the workouts with the demands of each trimester in mind so that you will be strong, confident, and ready for the big day!

The Fit mamas club app offers tons of workouts ( Beginner, intermediate & Advanced )

  1. For all stages of Pregnancy ( First, second, third & fourth trimester)
  2. All Postpartum stages (Acute phase, 8-19 hours after childbirth, Subacute postpartum period ( 2-6 weeks ) & the delayed postpartum period which can last up to 8 months ) and any time after that
  3. Women that are planning to get fit and healthy before getting pregnant
  4. Nutrition guidelines, personalized meal plans, recipes & calorie counting methods.
  5. Direct contact with a qualified pre & post natal coach through the phone & email who will guide you and help you achieve your goals effectively

    The fit mama’s club app will give you all the tools you need to be a strong, happy, healthy fit mum. Our app is very affordable and will be a wonderful investment for your health and strength after baby!

Through the messenger application on our platform you can chat with your coaches whenever you like, with the promise we will get back to you that same day ASAP, more in depth chats will take place once a week where we assess your progress and make changes to your training and/or nutrition accordingly.
Fit mamas club app is designed to be simple & easy to use. It can be downloaded on your mobile phone . The aim is to make your lifestyle healthier by tracking your workout & food intake pattern while making your life easier. You no longer need to hunt for a trainer or a fitness class or drive for hours to get to a gym. All you need is to book a consultation with us, download the app and start your fitness program.
As we said before. It all depends on how much effort & dedication you will put in. We guarantee that our coaches will put you on the path to success, but you have to do the work!
Depending on where you are in your journey and at what stage you are looking for our help , the length of the program may vary. We provide coaching packages for 3,6 and 9 months.
Fit mamas club offers different workout programs that can be done at home, Gym or anywhere
Fit mamas club app can be used anywhere. We offer tons of workouts that can be done in your hotel room or at the hotel’s gym. We customize all our coaching to suit your specific needs.
Fit mamas club app is very simple. You register on line and one of our team members will contact you directly
Nutrition plays a big role in fitness & weight loss. Food you eat can have a major effect on your weight & health. You can definitely lose weight without cutting out foods if you achieve a calorie deficit. Meaning, the amount of calories you consume is less than the number of calories you burn. But we will always coach you on how to choose food smartly, how to avoid certain foods at certain times to maintain your ideal weight .